Medical Coding and Billing

Get an In-Demand Career in the Healthcare Field

Looking for a career with lots of opportunity? Consider medical coding and billing! Well-trained medical coders are in high demand with an estimated 6,000 positions opening every year and only 2,000 people graduating to fill them. With average starting salaries of $40,000 a year, medical coding offers a satisfying career with competitive pay.

With the University of Utah’s Medical Coding and Billing program, you will:
  • Get hands-on training – In addition to building a solid foundation in medical sciences, our program will give you hands-on practice coding actual medical records and reports, and training on industry-standard 3M encoding software.
  • Start a career with room to grow – The healthcare field continues to grow at a fast pace, and medical coding is a great career starting point. With additional experience, education, and credentials, there are a number of ways to advance your career.
  • Be ready to work in as little as 4 months – Our program will help you get the skills and knowledge to succeed in the workforce upon graduation. You’ll finish ready to take the CCA and CPC exams—and your tuition includes a voucher for either of these exams (a $325 value)!
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How to use Your MyCAA Funding

Applying your MyCAA funding toward your University of Utah education is easy! Simply contact an Academic Advisor today at 866-553-8735. When you call, you’ll want to have the following information on hand:
  • Course Name: Medical Coding and Billing
  • Code: PROEA 221
  • Level: Certificate
  • Length: 4 Months
  • Cost: $3,495


MyCAA students also receive
a laptop at no extra cost.
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